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Friday, January 9, 2015

Meet Angel Zimmerman

Angel Zimmerman is an attorney and mother of four in Topeka, Kansas.  She also serves as the Vice-Chair of the Women in Law Committee for the J. Reuben Clark Law Society and as a leader of several other professional organizations.  Angel is the Managing Partner of Zimmerman & Zimmerman, P.A., a collections law firm.  She received her J.D. from Washburn School of Law in 2006 and her B.S. in Public Administration from Emporia State University in 1991. 


What have you done since law school and where do you work now? I bought out the senior partner at my law firm and now have my own firm with my husband.  We have 12 staff and all four kids on payroll.  Well, one is coming off to serve a mission. 

I have grown to really love being a part of organizations – especially those for women. 

I have been or am currently involved with the following organizations: Women Attorney Association of Topeka, Past-President; Kansas Women Attorneys Association, Past-President; National Conference of Women Bar Associations, board member; chair-elect for Minority and Women Business Development Council for Topeka; KBA – Law Practice Management (LPM -inaugural section president); Washburn School of Law Board of Governors (6 years) – now Adjunct Professor for LPM at Washburn Law school; etc.


What do you enjoy most about what you do? I love helping money get returned back to the economy.  I love helping creditors and I love even more working with debtors. 


Has your path in law differed from your original expectations?  If so, in what way?  Yes, I wanted to go on a mission and then law school but Larry (my husband) showed up in high school; he joined the church 6 years later so marriage and motherhood came first. 


What are your future professional goals?  Make my law firm productive and profitable and be able to bring on more associates and help more lawyers. 


How do you juggle your personal and professional lives?  I firmly believe in putting everything in the same pot.  My kids are part of my office and have been since they were little.  Church and seminary and organizations and work all know that I talk about all my activities and family as part of my entire whole.   You get me – you get all of me. 


Tell us about your family. THEY ARE AMAZING.  My kids are each other’s best friends. Weird, yes, but awesome.  I became a missionary mom on December 31, 2014.  My son will serve his mission in the Georgia Atlanta Mission.  My oldest, has been accepted to a study abroad program in Austria and will leave in February for 5 months; she loves to travel and in 2014 went to Estonia, Latvia and Cuba.  My two younger girls are a freshmen (swimmer) and junior (link crew leader) in high school. 


What advice would you give to other women either interested or already working in the law?


DO IT!!!!  The law is a demanding mistress – so no better master of it than a WOMAN.  The law can be molded to meet any need or family arrangement and the skills learned help you in everything aspect of life.  Go and Do, Don’t Sit and Stew – John Bytheway AND W.I.N – Do (w)hat’s (i)mportant (n)ow.  That changes throughout your life, let law help you with all those transitions. 




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