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Friday, July 17, 2015

The WIL Committee Welcomes a New Student Representative, Ann Metler

We are excited to announce that Ann Metler is joining the JRCLS International Women in Law Committee as the new student representative.  Read on to learn a little bit more about Ann.

Ann grew up in the shadow of Mt. Timpanogos in Utah.  She attended Orem High, Utah Valley State College (now UVU), BYU and later Graduate School at Utah State University.  After her freshman year of college, she had the opportunity to tour Europe with a close friend, an experience that ignited a life-long love of traveling and exploring other cultures.  She served in the Fresno, California Mission and returned to BYU.  After graduating from BYU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development, she got her first “real” job as a Social Worker assisting adults with mental illness in a day program.  This experience gave her the opportunity to be an advocate for others which she discovered she truly enjoyed and had a passion for.  Her first exposure in the law field came from her position with the County Attorney’s Office as a Victim Coordinator.  She had the responsibility of supporting the victims of felony crimes through the court process, keeping them informed, and preparing them for court hearings.  She met her husband, Rob Metler, at a BYU student ward, which was ironic, because neither one of them were students at the time.  They had a whirlwind courtship of 3 weeks (so fast that Rob was embarrassed to tell anyone) and they were married 8 weeks later.  Ann took time off from full-time employment and focused on being at home with her family.  She occasionally dabbled as a volunteer for Foster Care Review Boards, at her children’s schools, and even got to be involved in humanitarian work with international orphans, which has become another passion.  Her decision to go to law school was generated from years of gentle encouragement from her husband and quiet confirmation from The Spirit that the Lord had a plan for her.  After their family relocated to Portland, Oregon, for a change in her husband’s employment, the stars aligned and she was able to enroll at Willamette University College of Law.  Her ability to attend law school and be present for her 5 children has truly been a family effort.  She is grateful that law school is not her life and welcomes the sweet distraction and perspective her husband and children bring.  She has come to embrace her status as a non-traditional student and “trailblazer" representing her demographic as an LDS woman and mother.  She loves to enjoy the outdoors with her family, play volleyball, golf, travel and read.  She has enjoyed her association with her local student chapter of the JRCLS and is giddy about being involved with WIL and associating with such amazing women.  She hopes to be able to learn from and support other women and encourage women in the law field to follow their hearts, follow the Spirit, and stand for goodness.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Meet Tracy Nuttall

My name is Tracy Nuttall and I currently work seasonally as a drafting attorney for the Utah state legislature. 


I live in American Fork with my husband Marc, and our two children, Mira (5), and Ezra (almost 2).  We also have two wiener dogs.  Our hobbies are: eating!  And. . . anything related to eating, like cooking, going to restaurants, and hopefully this year, growing things to eat.


I graduated from BYU with a philosophy degree in 2002.  I assumed that I would just be a stay-at-home mom, after I put my husband through medical school in Portland, Oregon.  Unexplained infertility got in our way and I decided to pursue law school in the meantime.  Our daughter Mira was born two weeks before finals during fall semester of my 3L year at BYU.  After I graduated and passed the bar, I taught a couple of semesters of business law at UVU and I also worked for a few months as a law clerk in Utah’s 2nd District Court.  I left my clerkship early when I was offered a job as a legislative drafting attorney.


I consider my specialty to be the Utah code, drafting legislation, and constitutional issues that arise as I draft legislation.   I spent two years working full time as the drafting attorney for natural resources, environment, and agriculture.  I loved drafting the water bills.  When I quit my full-time job, I left a little piece of my heart in the water code. 


For the last two legislative sessions, I’ve worked just from January through March for the legislative session.  I help out with drafting education bills now.  There is a lot of drama and controversy in education!


I love drafting legislation because I get to take a concern or concept from a legislator, develop it into a working system, scour the code looking for the right fit, and then translate it all into language that is hopefully perfectly clear and easy to understand.  Along the way, I counsel with legislators regarding any legal issues that arise and seek direction from them on policy questions.  I’m really lucky that I get to draft legislation in Utah: if you’ve ever read draft legislation in other states, you will see why immediately.


Although I miss work when I’m a stay-at-home mom, and I miss my family when I’m working a million hours a week during the session, for now I really like having my life compartmentalized.  I like pouring everything into work for three months, and then pouring myself into my family for the rest of the year. Being a stay-at-home mom has also helped me to remember how many other interests and talents I have besides being an attorney and for me, it’s great to have time to pursue other interests and give more service.


I have a strong testimony that the Lord knows me and has an amazing plan for my life.  I’ve had periods of time when the Lord forced me to learn more about myself and come up with my own plans for the future.  These times are typically juxtaposed with other times when the Lord has required me to give up my plans and follow his path in faith.  What I’ve learned is that when I consecrate my education and career to the Lord, he turns around and gives them back to me a thousand times better than I could have made them on my own.


One difficult time I’d like to share occurred when Marc got a job in Provo and I knew we would have to move away from my job.  I was pregnant with our son Ezzie and I knew I couldn’t keep working full time and commute all the way up to Salt Lake without putting too much of a strain on our family.  I’d love to say I handled this change gracefully and full of faith, but unfortunately my pride got in the way and the Lord basically dragged me kicking and screaming down to American Fork.  If you can’t already tell from the tone of this post, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  My career has improved, not ended as I thought, and I’m much more confident about who I am and what path I’m on.  I’m just a lot happier in general.


How grateful I am to have had an opportunity to go to law school and pursue a career that I never even contemplated until a few months before I submitted my law school application.  Someone who knows me better than I know myself helped me to find that path and continues to guide me as much as I will allow.


Meet Patty Troy

Patty Troy is a JRCLS member living in Norwalk, Connecticut.  She works as a tax attorney at GE specializing in Tax and Mergers & Acquisitions.  Before working at GE she worked for several years at a Big Four accounting firm in New York City.  She earned her bachelor's degree at BYU and a joint J.D./MBA in Accounting degree at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.  Thanks, Patty, for answering our questions!

What have you done since law school and where do you work now?

I worked for EY for 6 years doing M&A tax.  I am both an accountant and an attorney and I have always worked in the intersection between business, accountancy, and law.  At EY I assisted large corporations and PE firms with the sale/purchases/ due diligence/structuring of large corporate acquisitions. I have worked for GE Capital since December of 2012 and I am assisting in the internal restructuring of GE Capital’s legal entity structure. 

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The people--I am part of a truly great team. I work with a lot of different businesses
within GE and enjoy the people I work with.  The people I work with are not only
nice individuals, but they are very technical and smart. It is wonderful to come to work
every day and be surrounded by nice smart people.

Has your path in law differed from your original expectations?  If so, in what way? 

Yes, I always knew I wanted to work with businesses and law, what I did not expect was
the areas I would be drawn to and the different/non-traditional opportunities that
would afford me.  My natural inclination is numbers, there is a shortage of attorneys out
there that enjoy numbers, accounting, and complex modeling but there is a large need
for this skill set.  My business degree has opened up a lot of opportunities that would not
have been available to me otherwise.  I spend a lot of time helping people access, interpret, and create
statistics and important business information that I would not have had the tools to build
without my business degree and would not have been able to assemble without my
understanding of why it is important to a tax attorney.  I also spend a good deal of time
translating between the finance folks and the legal folks.

What are your future professional goals?

Continue to expand into helping bridge the gap between legal and financial sides of the

How do you juggle your personal and professional lives? 

GE is really a great place to work if you have a family.  I often work from home one day a
week and regularly go home for lunch (I live 6 minutes away).  My husband works from
home 80% of the time and I have a nanny.  Between my husband and I, my little boy is
only home alone with my nanny about 1 day a week, we are really fortunate.  The team I
work on is really great when it comes to flexibility and my hours are very regular.

Tell us about your family.

I am married and have a 2-year-old little boy and just had another little boy this June.

What advice would you give to other women either interested or already working in the

Talk to as many people as you can.  I don’t think that most undergrads really understand
what they are getting themselves into.  Law school is very expensive and a lot of the
market is saturated.  I would encourage them to talk to as many people as possible and
ask themselves if they think they would be happy doing the same thing (I know a lot of
unhappy attorneys and understand to get the job they want they may have to work really
long hours for the first 5-10 years out of law school); understand the cost and how long
it will take to pay back the student loans; and think about joint degrees (the fact that I
have a joint degree opened doors that would not have been available to me otherwise).

Meet Jennifer Simpson

Jennifer Simpson is an active JRCLS member who recently moved from Indianapolis, Indiana to Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She specializes in Education Law and has both a BA and MA in Communication and Rhetorical Studies from Idaho State University.  Jennifer earned her J.D. from Indiana University, Robert F. McKinney School of Law.  After law school she worked at the Indiana Department of Education as a special education complaint investigator.  Thanks, Jennifer, for answering our questions!

What do you enjoy most about what you do? Helping schools and parents resolve their
disputes amicably.

Has your path in law differed from your original expectations?  Yes; If so, in what way? I
thought I would work in legal services and I still plan to at some point.

What are your future professional goals? I am interested in seeking a political office.

How do you juggle your personal and professional lives? My husband is amazing and my
kids are big so they all help me.

Tell us about your family. My husband works for Seminaries and Institutes of Religion
for the LDS Church. He coordinates early morning seminary in central Indiana and
teaches institute classes. I have five children: Emma (20), Sydney (18), Natalie (16),
Simon (13), and Drew (10).

What advice would you give to other women either interested or already working in the
law? Rely on your faith and family to get you through!

Registration Now Open for WIL Conference in Orange County, California!

Registration is now open for the JRCLS Women in Law Regional Conference in Orange County, California this September!

When: Saturday, September 19, 2015

Time: 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law
1 University Drive
CA 92866

Details: Please look at the attached flyer for details. Also, explore details on the conference, fun things to do and other events occurring the same weekend in Southern California by clicking here.

Who: All Attorneys, law students, and anyone considering law school, both male and female.

What: An opportunity to network with other attorneys and be inspired by excellent speakers.  4.25 CLE credits (pending approval.) Breakfast and lunch are included in the registration cost.

Hotel: A block of rooms are reserved at the Irvine Marriott for $119.00/room/night. (Must book by Aug. 22, 2015.) You can reserve rooms
here. There are also many hotels within a few miles of the conference. Information on hotels can be found on the conference website, here.

Questions: Please contact Desiree Nordstrom at 




Monday, June 15, 2015

Meet Holly Fisher

Holly Fisher is from Topeka, Kansas, where she practices energy and utilities law with a focus on real estate acquisitions and capital project related issues.  She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Utah and her law degree from Washburn University School of Law.  Thank you, Holly, for answering our questions! 

What have you done since law school and where do you work now? Since law school, I worked in private practice as a litigator in Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas.  Then worked at the Kansas Board of Pharmacy and the Kansas Corporation Commission, litigating in an administrative setting.  Currently I work at ITC Holdings Corp. – an independent electric transmission utility. 

What do you enjoy most about what you do? I love the variety of matters I get to work on, from Real Estate matters to Contracts to Administrative/Regulatory matters.  I also really like the people I work with in every department including construction, land agents, engineers, and the attorneys in our legal group. 

Has your path in law differed from your original expectations?  If so, in what way? My path has been very different than I expected.  I went to law school with every intention of practicing in the energy industry since I focused on Oil & Gas law and NOT on litigation.  However, my first job led me to litigation, which I really enjoyed.  When I was able to stop commuting to the Kansas City area, I worked for the State of Kansas at a couple of different agencies, again mainly as a litigator.  I never expected to work in a health-related area as I did with the Board of Pharmacy, but I was grateful to work in Topeka and it was a good job to have while I interviewed with the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) – the state agency that regulates public utilities.  I found out about ITC Holdings Corp. while I was at the KCC, and when I looked into it further, I knew this was where I wanted to work.   

What are your future professional goals?  I want to continue to learn about new subjects and advance in the legal team at ITC.

How do you juggle your personal and professional lives?  I am blessed with a supportive husband and children.  We have to communicate all of the time in order to make sure we can manage our schedules and activities.  In the end, it is great teamwork!

Tell us about your family.  I am married to Scott Fisher who is an IT specialist for Bimbo Bakeries.  There are four great kids in our family, although two and a daughter-in-law are not really “kids.”  My son Jordan and his wife Rachel live in the Seattle area and the two of them work for tech companies.  Next is Bryan, and he lives in Salt Lake City while he works full time, is in school part time (seeking a degree in Music Production), and plays in two alternative rock bands.  I’m proud to say that one of them – Heartless Breakers – has been signed to a label and released a full-length album in March!  Then we have Kristin, a senior in high school who is a percussionist, plays in the Topeka Youth Symphony Orchestra, works at Cold Stone, and will be attending Utah State University in the fall.  Our youngest is Tarrin, a freshman in high school who swims competitively, plays trombone in the high school Jazz Band, and is also busy with Boy Scouts and other church activities. 

What advice would you give to other women either interested or already working in the law? For women interested in seeking a law degree I often suggestion that first, they be certain that they want a career in the law – there are a great number of attorneys in the world, and the competition can be tough.  I believe a person should love what they are doing and not just be doing the work for the money.  Second, for young women who have just completed their undergraduate degrees, I suggest that taking some time away from school between completing their undergraduate degree and starting law school can be a very good thing.  Real world experience was invaluable to me in law school and provided me the ability to prioritize and schedule myself during law school. 

For those who already work in the law, we have all experienced the sometimes polar demands of work and family.  My advice is to remember why we work – we love the law, but we love our families too.  Work-Life balance is a struggle in any job, but maybe even more so in the law.  Remember that there is no text, call, or email that is more important than time with our families. 

Orange County WIL Lunch

On June 11, 2015, the Orange County, California Chapter of the JRCLS held its annual Women in Law luncheon. The group met at Olive Garden in Irvine, California and had great food and even better conversation. Those in attendance included full-time and part-time attorneys, stay-at-home moms, business owners, law firm owners and more. Discussions included bar exams, church callings, schedules, children and much more. Although our paths differ greatly, it was great to hear insight and experience from those that came! We got to know each other better and did a bit of networking as well. Women in attendance included, Deborah Dickson, Nicole Jacobsen, Charlynn Lavran, Colleen Tye, Marin Bradshaw, Jennifer Wilson, Desiree Nordstrom, Melinda Hunsaker, Breanne Salmond, and Winnie Ng (pictured from left to right.)

submitted by Desiree Nordstrom