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Friday, November 15, 2013

A Man's Perspective on CLE Offered at a Women's Conference

At our Regional Women in Law Conference a handful of men attended.  Two had recently passed the bar.  One was a recent law school graduate. Two were experienced practicing lawyers. One was a sitting federal district court judge. Another, my husband, a retired Arizona Court of Appeals judge.

All seven came up to me and told me they really appreciated being at the Conference. Four of them said they enjoyed our Conference CLE more than they have any other CLE.

These men were very pleased they were there and also very pleased with the experience they'd had. Why? What was so different about the CLE/classes we offered?

I asked a few of them.  One said that it was so much more personal than what is typically offered. Another said it allowed him to better understand some of the issues women lawyers face, to hear women talking with other women about women. Another said he learned a lot from discussions about priorities and how to evaluate where to spend your time. This last man said that "I'd never had those discussions in a legal setting before".

So what did we learn? CLE presented by women, for women, helps and enriches us all.

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