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Monday, November 18, 2013

Then and Now

(Written by Angel Zimmerman, a WIL Committee member.)

I recently found this very interesting article and video clip.  It is the sequel to a New York Times Magazine piece that was published twelve years ago. In the original piece, twenty-one recent women law school graduates, who had accepted jobs with Debevoise & Plimpton, were asked what they saw in their future. In the video clip five of those twenty-one women share what actually happened in that twelve year time period.

It is fascinating.  To quote one part of the article, written by Florence Martin-Kessler:

"From the original 21, around half are in private practice, some are in powerful positions at corporations, others are working in public interest law and several became full-time parents. But what I found most interesting was that their lives were often far more complex than they had predicted. Even the greatest of expectations, it seems, eventually encounter reality."

To read the article and view the video clip go to Great Expectations for Female Lawyers.

Just for fun, I've included a then and now picture of me. Why don't you do the same?  It would be great to get to know the past and current "you".

Here is my picture, pregnant with our third and working as the office manager for an attorney. I wasn't an attorney and had no clue when I would get to go to law school. It was 1997 and my thought was "this chair will be mine someday".

In the picture below, taken this year, that chair did become mine!

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