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Monday, July 1, 2013

Meet Leah Jensen

Leah Jensen lives in St. George, Utah. She agreed to answer a few questions so that we might get to know her.

Where did you go to law school?  University of Akron – it was a good IP school and I thought I would be doing patent work given my BS in microbiology and my minors in chemistry & molecular biology.

Why did you decide to go to law school?  I decided to go to law school around January of my senior year at BYU.  I had planned on being a doctor (thus the above-mentioned focus) but on my mission (I served in the Greece Athens mission) I got a pretty clear answer that my path was not medicine.  My senior year I was sort of lost having been told the direction I’d been going for the past three years of school was not for me anymore.  So when a neighbor mentioned law school I thought, “Why not? I know I need and want more than a bachelor’s degree.”  And as I prayed law school felt more right.  So I quickly signed up for a late LSAT and went with it.

What type of practice do/did you have?  I am presently an attorney at Utah Legal Services, Inc.  My focus is on representing victims of domestic violence in family matters, primarily Protective Orders, Divorce, and Custody cases, designed to help separate the victim from the abuser.

What do you like about practicing law?  I really love the opportunity to be a voice for someone that might otherwise be overlooked or overwhelmed by the system.  Many of the individuals I represent are overwhelmed as they try to piece their lives back together and dealing with the courts alone is too much for them.  It is a privilege to stand with these individuals and watch as they begin taking control of their lives again and gain a sense of themselves and the power they truly possess. 

Tell us a little bit about your family.   I have never been married and I have no children.  I am the oldest of six children and my family is developing a fairly strong attachment to the law.  My mother is a professor at BYU (Mary O. Jensen); my brother just under me is graduated this April from Oklahoma and will be working in oil and gas (Matthew R. Jensen); and another of my brothers was just accepted to law school, though he hasn’t picked one yet (Stephen C. Jensen).  Those that aren’t in law (yet, though I still think we can pull one more in) include my dad who works at BYU in the chemistry department (Kelly L. Jensen), a brother that is getting his Master’s in sports psychology (Michael C. Jensen), my sister who graduated from SUU in May and will soon be headed to graduate school for physical therapy school (Caitlin E. Jensen), and my baby brother graduated from high school in May and then off to a mission (David L. Jensen).  I’m going to stop there or I’d be bragging all day about my family and the wonderful women that my brothers have managed to snag and their beautiful children.  J

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