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Thursday, March 28, 2013

LDS Perspectives on the Law

I found an interesting source of information recently.  I knew it existed, just wasn't sure where to find it.  However, I found it!  It is called LDS Perspectives on the Law.

To quote the Perspective's introduction,

LDS Perspectives on the Law is a compilation of materials drawn from LDS, legal and other sources intended for use by law students or attorneys in group or individual study settings. 

Fifteen "lessons" are presented. Several different topics are covered, such as: The Early Church and the Legal Profession, Religious Liberty, and, Sanctity of the Clergy.  

One of the lessons is entitled Women and the Law.  It was prepared by Marianne Jennings and Katherine Pullins.

Here are some of the topics covered in the Women and the Law lesson:  Eve as the First Woman, Gifts Unique to Eve and Her Daughters, Responding to the Call of Law, The Need for Women in the Law, Contributing Together:  Men and Women in the Law.

It is an interesting presentation or lesson.  Each of the 15 lessons begins with 2 or 3 questions.  Then some scriptural and supporting references are given.  After that there is a list of selected reading materials followed by excerpts from those reading materials.

It is a wonderful source of information.  It is a great place to begin a study, either by yourself or with a group--say a WIL section!

Check it out.  You can find it by going to jrcls.org, then clicking the Professionalism tab, then the Publications tab and then the LDS Perspectives tab.


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