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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kansas Young Women Tour Law School

Young women from the Kansas Topeka Stake toured Washburn Law School this fall.  Washburn Law was pleased to host the LDS youth for the evening.

Three female attorneys, Sandra Sharon (Administrative Judge), Holly Fisher (lawyer for the Kansas Corporation Commission) and Angel Zimmerman (Managing Partner, Valentine, Zimmerman & Zimmerman, P.A.), who also happen to be their Young Women leaders, were present to answer their questions.

Some of the questions and answers focused on attending law school, the joy of learning, their love of reading and interacting with the law.

There was an interactive discussion on how knowledge is power and what an honor it is to be an educated woman.  It was noted that receiving more education fits in with the late LDS Church President Gordon B.Hinckley’s challenge to “Be smart.”  Stories were shared about how being a lawyer has helped these women be better moms, better church leaders and better citizens. 

This is a fun activity to offer your Young Women/Young Men/Relief Society/Young Single Adult organizations.  We encourage your areas to do the same and post your pictures. 


  1. This is such a great idea. Nice work.

  2. This is super interesting! I have never heard anything like this! I have been looking into school for young women in Burbank IL and would love for it to be like this though! Can you tell me where to find more? Thanks!