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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kansas Women Attorneys Take CLE on the Road--Literally

Recently the Kansas Women Attorneys Association (KWAA) had "a wild idea".  Let's do CLE "on the way" to a networking/shopping trip.  Not expecting the reaction the idea received (that's a brilliant idea...let's do it), the KWAA soon found themselves sponsoring the first Destination CLE in Kansas.

“Of course, we are going to push the envelope and be pioneers” said Angel Zimmerman,  president of Kansas Women Attorneys Association and also a Women in Law Committee member.

The Kansas CLE director, Shelley Sutton, was elated to hear about and approve this new form of CLE. Other bar organizations soon heard about the venture and were also very supportive. The Topeka Bar Association executive director, Paula Huff, was so excited and supportive that she came and provided cookies for the trip home.  The Kansas Bar Association provided secure parking for cars during the evening of CLE, dining and shopping.

The event started by counting heads and loading the bus. With microphone in hand, a ½ hour presentation was given on law practice management tips (a newer CLE option for Kansas). A pit stop was made in Lawrence, Kansas to pick up additional attorneys and the bus was off again with the second ½ hour CLE from one of the Kansas ethics gurus, Marty Snyder. Bingo cards were passed out and all actively participated, from their stage line bus seats, as ethical dilemma answers brought passengers closer to a bingo prize.

The bus arrived in Kansas City at the Legends shopping area, giving the women over 100 outlet stores  and dozens of restaurants from which to choose. There were some who divided up to conquer their shopping lists and others who formed small groups for casual perusing.

The most frequently heard comment was that this was such a good way to unwind from the stresses of the week. You were chauffeured while being educated, had downtime to mingle and share stories of pressing events with women who understood, had some shopping therapy, got to show off those purchases, had dinner and then topped the evening off with homemade cookies on a relaxing drive home. It was the perfect recipe for a successful Friday night.

What CLE/Events have you held in your areas that have been really successful or unique? Please let us know.  We'd love to hear about them!

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