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Friday, November 12, 2010

Women Lawyers of Utah Releases Study on Retaining and Advancing Women Attorneys

Women Lawyers of Utah ("WLU") has released "The Utah Report," addressing why Utah law firms seem to have trouble retaining and advancing women attorneys. The 4-year study asked two questions: (1) Do Utah law firms face greater challenges retaining and promoting female attorneys than male attorneys? (2) If so, what concrete, unbiased actions can Utah law firms and Utah attorneys take to meet these challenges? The Initiative answered the first question with a Yes. The answer to the second question involved looking at why. Not all female attorney departures are due solely to childbearing and family responsibilities. Some gender bias still exists, even when all other factors are equal. For more information about the Initiative and Report, visit WLU's website: http://utahwomenlawyers.org/initiative-on-the-advancement-and-retention-of-women/

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