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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

JRCLS Blogger Spotlighted in National Law Journal

Michelle Olsen (BYU Law,'97) has a blog on appellate law which is lighting up not just the blogosphere but also more traditional legal media, such as the National Law Journal. Until recently, Michelle worked full time with Jones Day's appellate team in Washington D.C. But wanting something more, she quit her job and now blogs from her home in Burke, Va., for Appellate Daily, which she created. Her clever blogs have caught the eye of journalists and other bloggers, especially an article titled, "Three Female Justices: This Isn't Junior High (Or Macbeth)," which takes on commentators who cricitized Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan for not voting with her fellow female justices. For the full text of the NLJ article on Michelle, see Tony Mauro's "Courtside: An appealing alternative to practice" at the National Law Journal's website. Congrats, Michelle. We'll add this blog to our Favorites.


  1. Thanks for this nice write-up on Appellate Daily. I am going to be working with the JRCLS appellate subgroup and would love to hear from anyone interested. Email is appellatedaily@gmail.com

  2. Elizabeth Shaw SmithNovember 16, 2010 at 5:39 PM

    Your experiences leaving a law firm and going off to write a blog will be intriguing to many "no longer practicing" lawyers, I expect. Your blog is great, by the way--fun to read and authoritative.

  3. Great write up and inspiration! I just got the email about the blog and will add it to my Reader feed. Thanks for all you do.