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Monday, February 17, 2020

New WIL Board Member, Kylie Hicks

We have three new members of the Women in Law board who are dedicated to facilitating the interaction of and mutual support for women attorneys of faith. Kylie Hicks has taken the position of the Young Students board member.
Kylie never pictured herself going to law school. In fact, she was always more interested in interior design for which she took a summer internship in Seattle between her junior and senior years of high school. She found it to be enjoyable, but realized that it felt more like a hobby than a career. When she began attending college at BYUI, she took courses in logic and decided a career in business law would be a better fit. But, then she went on her mission and determined that family law was her true calling. Once back at BYUI, Kylie added the minor of Psychology to her course load and began looking at law schools
Since her family was in Washington State, she took a look at nearby law schools but another option was presenting itself. She looked at law schools on the east coast as well. But, when Concordia University Law School (based in Boise, Idaho) came to BYUI to recruit, she was impressed with their small class sizes and applied.  
Kylie explains the many reasons that influenced her decision to pursue a career in family law.  First, Kylie had had a less than ideal childhood and. because of it she found that family law held a greater appeal than business law. She decided that she would “use her screwed up childhood to help people.” At Concordia, Kylie has taken all of the family law and pro bono classes they offer.
Also at Concordia, Kylie met Tanner Bean, a practicing attorney who was the Young Student board representative of the Law Society. Tanner inspired her to get involved in the Law Society. Kylie formed a JRCLS chapter in Boise and offered her services as the Young Student WIL committee representative. We are grateful to have her enthusiastic and talented help, and look forward to seeing what a remarkable family lawyer she will become upon her law school graduation in spring of 2020.
Article written by Kathryn Latour, member of the JRCLS WIL and Media committees

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