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Friday, February 24, 2017

Stanford student chapter event - Women at the Supreme Court

            On February 4th, the Stanford Law School student chapter hosted an event titled “Women at the Supreme Court,” featuring three L.D.S. women who had clerked for Supreme Court justices.  Judge Denise Lindberg, Professor RonNell Andersen Jones, and Professor Lisa Grow Sun spoke to an audience of law students and members of the local L.D.S. community. They covered topics such as the daily work of a Supreme Court clerk, the diversity of faiths among the clerks, and advice for young women considering professional careers. Judge Lindberg, also a member of the Young Women General Board, emphasized that young women should be open-minded about their options and not pressured to fit a “cookie cutter” mold.

            Both professors shared stories about their decisions not to work on Sundays. “Justice O’Connor didn’t care as long as I got the work done,” Professor Jones said. In Professor Sun’s interview with Justice Kennedy, the justice set the standard from the outset. Knowing she was L.D.S., he told her he assumed she wouldn’t be working on Sundays. “I didn’t have much choice after that,” Professor Sun said, wryly.

 People in photo (left to right): Paige Muhlestein (President of the Stanford student chapter), Judge Denise Lindberg, Professor RonNell Andersen Jones, Professor Lisa Grow Sun, Jordan Smith (Vice President).

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