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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Meet Jennifer Simpson

Jennifer Simpson is an active JRCLS member who recently moved from Indianapolis, Indiana to Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She specializes in Education Law and has both a BA and MA in Communication and Rhetorical Studies from Idaho State University.  Jennifer earned her J.D. from Indiana University, Robert F. McKinney School of Law.  After law school she worked at the Indiana Department of Education as a special education complaint investigator.  Thanks, Jennifer, for answering our questions!

What do you enjoy most about what you do? Helping schools and parents resolve their
disputes amicably.

Has your path in law differed from your original expectations?  Yes; If so, in what way? I
thought I would work in legal services and I still plan to at some point.

What are your future professional goals? I am interested in seeking a political office.

How do you juggle your personal and professional lives? My husband is amazing and my
kids are big so they all help me.

Tell us about your family. My husband works for Seminaries and Institutes of Religion
for the LDS Church. He coordinates early morning seminary in central Indiana and
teaches institute classes. I have five children: Emma (20), Sydney (18), Natalie (16),
Simon (13), and Drew (10).

What advice would you give to other women either interested or already working in the
law? Rely on your faith and family to get you through!

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