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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Enlightenment and Confirmation

(Written by Nan Barker, International WIL Committee chair.)

Members of the International WIL Committee have been participating in a leadership program for the past few months. One aspect of that program has been the requirement to read the book Life in the Law--Service and Integrity.  Life in the Law is a compilation of talks given at Law Society or BYU events. This month's assignment was to read the first 52 pages--the section called "Be Ethical".

I began reading. I tend to be one of those people who follows the rules and does what she's asked to do. I had never read any of the book before. I felt like I was reading it now to complete an assignment, which was true.

I was remarkably impressed, within the first few pages, to discover that I was enjoying myself and learning.  Let me share a little bit about what I experienced.

The second talk, given by Cree-L Kofford, entitled "A Restatement of Contracts", included these enlightening and confirming words:

Cree-L Kofford
The law, like the Lord, knows we are individuals unique among all individuals, and the law can provide for those individual differences….The law does not offer a "one size fits all" opportunity. Rather, it seeks to meet our abilities, our interests, our desires, and our circumstances, for only then are we able to contribute to its continued vibrancy… 

All choices are more a function of (1) what you are, (2) what your circumstances are, and, therefore, (3) what your desires are than of your (a) grade point average, (b) class standing, or (c ) what someone else thinks you can our ought to do.

The simple fact is that you have the ability to design your own practice. All that is needed if you are to be successful is that your design is true to who and what you are and…what your circumstances require.

As I was reading this talk I kept finding myself saying "Yes, yes, that's exactly right!" I guess doing your homework really does matter and really can help you.

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  1. Love this book. I have given it to several of our supreme court justices of our state. It is a book to be quite proud of. Thank you JRCLS for taking the time to have it compiled.
    Nan, you are so awesome. Thank you for all your support.