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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Meet Heather Nelson Cooke

Hi!  I want to introduce you to a person whom I hold dear to my heart. Her name is Heather Nelson Cooke. Heather and I met on a study abroad in Israel. We became close friends. We were even roommates for awhile when I was in law school.

Heather taught me many things. I am grateful for each one. I am particularly grateful for one specific thing she did. She lined me up with my husband! He was a little hesitant to be lined up at the time (he was dating someone else), but Heather was persistent.

After a couple of months he finally gave in and five months later we were engaged. Heather was the first to know. She later told me that since she couldn't have him she wanted me to.

In addition to taking pictures at our wedding reception she also gave us an insightful gift: a judge's gavel with an engraving that says "Nan & Dan May 12, 1983". My husband ended up serving as a state trial and state appellate judge for twenty years.

There was an article written about her in the latest JRCLS Newsletter. You can find it by going to http://www.jrcls.org/news/item.php?num=8867.

Take the time to "meet" Heather. She changed my life. Maybe she'll change yours too.

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