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Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Remarkable Experience!

(Written by Nan Barker, WIL Committee Chair.)

Tisha Huish, welcoming attendees
I had a remarkable experience yesterday.  I attended a local chapter WIL event in Phoenix. The event was entitled "Empowering Women Through the Law". Both speakers at the event were women not of the LDS faith. To be quite honest, I had some concerns. A version of the word "empowerment" when associated with women often involves strong views. Also, I had never listened to either of the speakers talk and was not sure what they would present when given a forum that had the above title.

Were my worries justified? Maybe. Were my concerns validated? No.

Dean Shirley Mays
The first speaker, Shirley Mays, dean of the Phoenix School of Law, shared her history with us. She is African-American and attended segregated schools, even though she was born the year Brown v. Board of Education was decided. She shared how her life experiences affected her decision with regard to attending law school and the impact she hoped she could have. She also shared personal struggles that dealt with the agency children have.

She was impressive. Her message was touching and affected all who had the privilege of being there.

Professor Sarah Buel
The second speaker, Sarah Buel, a law professor at Arizona State University, shared her story as well. She had been told by school officials that she was not smart enough to go to college. She not only attended college but graduated from Harvard Law School (as did Dean Mays). She had personally experienced domestic abuse. She described how that experience affected her decision to be a lawyer and why she is so involved helping victims of domestic abuse.

Once again, her message enlightened and touched all who were present.

Misbah Rashid
Another interesting note:  the closing prayer was offered by a local WIL Committee member, Misbah Rashid, who happens to be Muslim. She said she usually offers the prayer in Arabic, but would say it in English so that everyone could understand. It was a beautiful prayer.

I left the event in a state of awe. When speaking of the the local WIL Committee Chair, Tisha Huish, the chapter chair, Kent Cammack, stated to me that "Tisha thinks outside the box". Tisha does. I'm glad she does. It was indeed a remarkable experience!

Thank you Shirley. Thank you Sarah. Thank you Misbah. Thank you Tisha.

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  1. Tisha is really amazing. I had the privilege of being in the singles ward in Virginia where her husband was in the bishopric. She was a good friend to all of us. Sounds like a wonderful event!