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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An Invaluable Tool

(Written by Deborah Hendrickson, the WIL Committee vice-chair.)

I wanted to share information about an invaluable tool that I have been using this past year.  It has enhanced my practice and lightened my burden more than probably anything else I can think of.  Hopefully if you don’t have this in your area, you could suggest it or help start it.

One of the state law associations has created a ListServe of the attorneys who practice in my area, which requires a login and password.  Attorneys can post/ask questions of each other, offer opinions and report on court experiences, judges, issues of common interest, etc.  It has provided quick and useful information many times when I have needed it.

The website also offers other resources, e.g. reports on new cases, which are very useful.

Below is the link to the website to get an idea of how it works.  So look into whether this might already be available in your area or perhaps you could get someone to start one.  By the way, they do charge an annual membership fee (minimal) to cover some of the expenses.   

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