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Monday, June 24, 2013

Pre-Law Advisors: They Are Working Hard

(Written by Eileen Crane, a WIL Committee member, who is the pre-law advisor at Utah Valley University.)

I am at the 40th Annual NAPLA Conference. NAPLA is the Northeast Association of Prelaw Advisors, of which I am one of 1200 around the country in the 2000+ colleges and universities.

At our annual conference, prelaw advisors and law school admissions officers come together to discuss legal education trends, admissions policies and procedures, and financial aid as well as visit local law schools in the region learning about the unique characteristics of each.

I attend this meeting to expand my advising skills by having the most current information available, to expand my network of law schools to which I can thoughtfully advise students about, and to see my prelaw and law school friends and colleagues.

This world of advisors and admissions officers is a tight-knit group of people who work very closely to help students have their dreams come true. We see one another several times per year at a variety of events and are in close contact throughout the year in order to rely upon one another and to achieve our mutually-beneficial goals.

A dedication to a solid legal profession, based on excellent training and education, is what drives prelaw advisors, many of whom are lawyers like me, to work hard for students to make wise, informed decisions with respect to the legal profession. 

My UVU prelaw website, at www.uvu.edu/prelaw/, is the place where I post the tools I have created for students and some tools my colleagues have created. I post them so students can use them to make wise debt and career management decisions.

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