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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Phoenix Women in Law Section Chair Reaches Out

The Phoenix, Arizona Women in Law Section, which is a part of the JRCLS Phoenix Chapter, has a new chair.  Her name is Tisha Huish.  Tisha has an amazing story.  She was raised by a Muslin mother and an English father.  She lived in several different countries growing up, which is why she speaks five different languages.  She converted to the LDS faith as an adult.

Tisha and her family
When she asked who belongs to Women in Law, she was told "women of faith who have been trained in the law".  She then asked, does that include all faiths?  The answer was yes.

That was all Tisha needed to know. She is now in the process of forming her committee.  I attended their first meeting.  One of its members is a woman from the Sunni denomination of the Muslim faith. Being there for that meeting was a remarkable experience. It was fascinating to see the similarities "women of faith who have been trained in the law" have. The differences were there, and they were appreciated as well. But, the similarities were amazing!

Tisha is continuing to get women of a variety of faiths on her committee.  Thank you for that, Tisha,  and for setting such a great example for all of us to follow.

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  1. Tisha is a super woman! I remember running a 5K with her several years back in D.C. Only she ran the full 10K and she had recently had a baby. And it was raining. Thanks for the wonderful story!