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Thursday, February 14, 2013

JRCLS Annual Conference: 1st Day

(Written by Nan Barker, chair of WIL Committee.)

Today is the first day of the Conference.  We begin with leadership meetings and then attend some social events.

Just a personal note before I begin.  We arrived in DC last night.  We decided to take the subway becuase we really didn't need a car and didn't want to have to pay for parking it.  So, we came out of the subway, at our hotel stop, and found oursevlves in China Town.  Didn't know DC had a China Town.  It does and we were in the middle of it.  We loved it!  It was raining.  There were lots of bright lights everywhere and we were just delighted.  After checking into our hotel, we went to get some dinner.  We tried Wok and Roll.  Great lo mein.  Great evening.

Now back to today.

Leadership meetings at 2:00, 3:00 and 4:00pm. The 2:00 meeting was for chairs of committees, like WIL.  It was interesting to me that the focus of the meeting was on the mission of the JRCLS (the Society).  Doug Bush, the Society Chair, stressed that it was a faith based organization. Steve West, chair of the Public Service Committee, discussed why we are organized, and why we do what we do.  Steve is looking for different types of service we can render, in addtion to pro bono work.  If any of you have any ideas, please let me know.

The 3:00 meeting was for all student and attorney chapter leaders. The discussion there also addressed the purpose of the Society and Jeremiah Morgan, chair elect, asked all of us why we were there; why we were involved with the Sociey.  After a short presentation by me in behalf of WIL, the remainder of the meeting focused on how to help students transition from a student chapter to an attorney chapter.

The 4:00 meeting was for attorney chapter chairs. Gordon Foote, in charge of leadership training, asked Steve West and I to take a few minutes and discuss best practices (things that have gone well) for chapters in both the service (Steve) and WIL (me) areas.  Let me share with you what I told them. During the past 12 months the following things have occurred in WIL sections: breakfasts, lunches, service projects, CLE events, programs to help young women and female undergraduate students learn more about law school and legal careers, and then some stats about this blog (over the last 3 months we've averaged over 900 hits/views a month; 80% of those are from the US and the other 20% come from all over the world).  Thanks to all of you who made these events happen. Truly, thank you.

Following these leadership meetings, there was a pizza party for all the student and attorney chapter leaders.  It was wonderful to meet so many bright, excited and hard working people. After "dinner" we heard some beautiful music from Jenny Oaks Baker and an enlightening talk from Utah Senator Mike Lee (an attorney, and son of Rex Lee) about how attorneys are healers.  A reception followed this event.

What was my reaction to the first day?  Amazement that such remarkable, capable, kind people give so much, with no remuneration, to this Society.  They care about me and they care about each one of you.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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