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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meet Amy Hill

(Angel Zimmerman, a WIL Committee member, thought we would all enjoy getting 
to know law student, Amy Hill.  Please enjoy the Q & A session they recently had.)

Q: When will you graduate from law school?
Amy Hill
A:  2014

Q: Why did you decide to go to law school?  
A: I had reached a point in my career as a claims adjuster, where I knew I needed a change, but wasn't sure what that change should be.  I enjoyed working claims associated with a class action suit and enjoyed the claims with the more complex coverage issues, so knew that I liked the legal side of insurance.  One day we had a CE class that was given by a firm that we worked with.  The partner that taught the course as well as one of the associates that he brought with had both been claims adjusters before going to law school.  As he talked about the associate going to law school and maintaining life as a mother and wife, the thought clearly came to me that I could do that too.  So began the journey of taking the LSAT, writing essays, retaking the LSAT, rewriting essays and finally deciding on a school.

Q: What is your current family dynamic? 
A: I am married and just months before graduation will celbrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  We have three daughters, Kalista, age 13, Kara, age 10, and Teagan age 4.

Q: How has law school blessed your family and how has it been a challenge?   
A: There have been so many blessings that have come from me going to law school, one being that I am so much happier, which makes me a better Mom and Wife.  I really have loved learning and being around people that are also learning and growing.  It has also been a blessing to move here to Kansas City.  We have met such great people and it has become home so quickly.  Even my little Texan, who told us for years that she never wanted to leave Texas, has agreed that she likes it here and wants to stay here.

My biggest challenge has been dealing with the stress, but not the general stress of school.  It is the stress that comes from trying to be worthy of the sacrifices others are making for you.  My family moved for me.  My husband had to find a new job...for me.  My kids had to leave all their friends and the home that we had lived in for ten years...again all for me.  Because of these sacrifices, it is a challenge to not let the fear of failure take over, especially when finals or other deadlines are close.

Of course, my family would probably say the biggest challenge is dealling with me, when I haven't dealt with the stress all that well.

Q: How did you like the JRCLS Leadership Conference held last October and what was your biggest take away – would you encourage others to attend? 
A: Attending the leadership conference was such a great experience.  It gave me a great opportunity to really get to know members of the attorney chapter in a way that just can't be accomplished over phone conferences and occassional meetings.  It was also very inspiring to see what other chapters are accomplishing.  It helped me see that even our little chapter can do more.

Attending the conference also gives a unique opportunity to meet and learn from attorneys with diverse experience from all around the world.  I loved getting to meet attorneys and students from other regions and other countries.  Everyone brings a unique perspective to the law and it is amazing to get to learn from all these people.

I would definitely encourage others to attend the conference.  Even if you aren't on a board or committee, there is still so much you can learn and so much gained that the time is very well spent.

Q: What are your hobbies, interests?
A: I love to read and usually have several books lined up waiting for me as soon as finals are over.  I also enjoy taking day trips with my family to find places that are off the beaten path.  Art has always been one of my great loves and it is especially great now to be able to share that with my girls.  We have had a great time going to the art museum or just painting together.

Q: How has the JRCLS helped you locally in law school? 
A: The JRCLS created a built in support system as soon as I started law school.  It was very helpful to immediately have 2L's and 3L's that were willing to give support, advise, and outlines.

It has also been very helpful to have the support of the attorney chapter.  Because I moved from Texas to Missouri, most of the attorneys that I knew and worked with are in the south.  Having the resource of the JRCLS attorney chapter has given me an additional source of attorneys that are interested in helping me succeed.

Amy, congratulations and good luck.  Angel, thanks for helping us get to know Amy.  

(We want to regularly use this blog to highlight you: women of faith who have been trained in the law.  You are doing great things--in the courtroom, in your community and in your home.   Getting to know each other better will strengthen each of us individually as well as strengthen us as a whole.  If you know anyone you think we should highlight, please let us know at nanbarker@gmail.com.)

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