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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chapter Events: Kansas City/Missouri

Clint Patterson and Angel Zimmerman

2014 JRCLS Annual Conference

As the 2013 JRCLS Annual Conference is just about to begin in Washington, DC, we find out where the 2014 Annual Conference will be held.  That takes us to Kansas City. The Kansas City/Missouri Chapter has been busy. Angel Zimmerman, a WIL Committee member, is a huge part of the that chapter and will have an even bigger role in the future.

Angel, who has been serving as the Chair of the Kansas City/Missouri Women in Law section, steps up to become president elect.  

Clint Patterson, current chair, Angel and the entire Kansas City/Missouri Chapter welcome and invite all to Kansas City for the 2014 JRCLS Annual Conference. 


Annual Dinner

The Kansas City/Missouri Chapter recently hosted their annual dinner with over 100 in attendance.  Zel Fisher, from the Missouri Supreme Court, was asked to speak.  He spoke on the Christian obligation in Romans 13 and stated that he had done his research and concluded that LDS people carry that obligation, not only under Romans 13, but also under the 12th Article of Faith. 

After the dinner the female attorneys and law students gathered for a picture.  Many of the law students and female attorneys in the area had not been aware of each other. There was a great sense of appreciation to discover that they were a growing group in this part of the Lord’s kingdom. 

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