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Friday, December 14, 2012

Life's U-Turns

(Written by Tisha Huish, a Gilbert, Arizona resident, addressing the blog focus group "On Hiatus".)

I had big dreams when I began law school. I was going to save the world with my JD. Throughout my JD experience, I dedicated countless hours to human rights issues and the environment. And then... I graduated.

Who knew graduating cum laude, speaking 5 languages and having international work experience wouldn't afford me a position that would even make a dent in my law school loans. I had to make a career change, I had to make a u-turn.

I heard from my friends that Tax was a lucrative field. Although, I had a true disdain for math, (I took algebra twice and finally passed with a D), I graduated with an LLM in Tax from Georgetown and was hired by KPMG in their National Tax Office.

The u-turn was life changing. I loved my job, met my husband (who was the first Mormon I had ever met!) and started a family. Life was wonderful, I had an 8 month maternity leave, worked part time, I had my mom and a nanny take care of our son and was able to come home for lunch. I even got a promotion.

And then another u-turn. My son began having health issues and I had to quit.

I sit here at my computer, 10 years later, no longer in cute work clothes, no longer on partner track, still salivating when my husband discusses his legal cases with me, but grateful for u-turns. It was a very difficult transition for me, but I knew without a doubt, that I had made the right choice for our children. 

I can see my next chapter into the legal field on the horizon now and am excited about all the different possibilities. Who knows where the next u-turn will take me. 

(One of the goals of this bog is to address seven different focus groups:  full time practice; part time practice; on hiatus; practicing with children at home; students; using your law degree in your community and family; and, singles.  If you have any suggestions about topics you would like to see addressed in these areas, please let us know through the Comment section below.)


  1. Thank you for your story. It's wonderful to hear when others have U-turns too.

  2. I love this! I'm wondering if the law will come back into view in my horizon, but until then, enjoying the u-turns!