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Friday, November 9, 2012

Law School Was Not My Dream

(Written by Heather Pack, a WIL Committee member, who is responsible for the blog focus group "Singles".)

I am not one of those students who “always dreamed of going to law school…” quite the
opposite, in fact. I had roommates in college who were law students, and they helped me realize that law school/becoming an attorney was definitely not the path I wanted for my life.

My dream job has always been to be a full-time homemaker and mother. However, that career path involves a lot of uncontrollable variables, the most obvious being the financial support from a husband. Because I did not yet have that when I graduated from undergraduate school, I kept the dream job as a goal for the future and I entered the work force.

Eventually, I earned a job that was enjoyable with a company who was wonderful to work for. But, after a few years, I had maxed out my promotion potential and began to desire a more challenging career.

I don’t know why, but I kept feeling like I should take the LSAT. This was a very surprising
prompting, given my strong commitment to avoid law school at all costs. However, after a few months of deliberation, I decided that there was no harm in taking the exam—just to see if I was even capable of getting a competitive score. So, I took the exam that month.

Then I thought, ‘Well, I’ve gone through all the trouble of taking the exam. I might as well
just apply to a few schools and find out if I would be admitted.” So I applied. Because I took a late offering of the LSAT, I applied before I even knew what my score was. And then I sort of forgot about it.

A couple months later, when I received a phone call from a dean of admissions announcing my acceptance to law school and award of a scholarship, the option of trying my hand at law school became more appealing. At that point, I thought, “Okay, I guess I’ll try it for one semester and drop out if it’s not for me.”

I’m now in my final semester of law school, and I haven’t dropped out yet! I have loved every second of law school (yes, even first year!) and thank the Lord everyday for guiding me to the path I’m on now.

Although I still haven’t given up on my marriage and homemaking dreams, I have broadened my perspective and realized the added value that my legal career brings to my life. My newfound professional goals helped me find a new sense of purpose and I found a new support system in the legal community at just the time in my life when I needed all the support I could get.

I truly found my life’s calling while in law school, and now I can’t imagine any other path for me.

(One of the goals of this bog is to address seven different focus groups:  full time practice; part time practice; on hiatus; practicing with children at home; students; using your law degree in your community and family; and, singles.  If you have any suggestions about topics you would like to see addressed in these areas, please let us know through the Comment section below.)


  1. Hola!
    He leido su artículo, y me pareció interesante su contenido. Opino que en la actualidad muchas mas mujeres (muchas de ellas SUD), optan por la profesion incluso como alternativa necesaria al matrimonio. Actualmente, la vision de familia y por lo tanto, de hogar eterno se encuentra relegada a un segundo plano, o quizá mucho despues de varios logros profesionales, y el matrimonio y las responsabilidades sagradas que este conlleva, resultan una piedra de tropiezo en el crecimiento secular de muchas hermanas aun de la iglesia. Por mi parte, se que he nacido para ayudr en el Plan de Felicidad que el Padre tiene preparado para mi, y aunque en la actualidad soy una joven abogada, con deseos de crecer profesionalmente, mi prioridad es en este momento sellarme en el Templo con un digno poseedor del Sacerdocio y traer hijos al mundo. Se que si mi orden de prioridades se halla correctamente establecido, mi profesion y mis deseos de crecer y desarrollarme en ella, no serán un obstáculo en mi meta de cumplir los mandamientos y prestar servicio a mi projimo.
    atte: Noelia Quiroga

  2. An attempted translation of the above: Hello! I have read your article, and I found it interesting content. I think that today many more women (many LDS), opt for the profession even as a necessary alternative to marriage. Currently, the vision of family and therefore eternal home is relegated to the background, or perhaps even after several professional accomplishments, and marriage and sacred responsibilities it entails, are a stumbling block in the growth even many secular sisters of the church. For my part, I was born to ayudr in the plan of happiness that the Father has prepared for me, and although I am now a young lawyer with a desire to grow professionally, my priority is now to be sealed in the Temple a worthy Priesthood holder and bring children into the world. I know if my order of priorities is correctly set, my profession and my desire to grow and develop it will not be an obstacle on Law School Was Not My Dream

  3. Love your story. We share dream jobs.