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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Game Plan for WIL Committee

As promised, here is the game plan. 

As a WIL Committee, we are going to be working on two things.  First, trying to help each JRCLS chapter have at least one woman on their board, and if they do, help them establish WIL sections within their own chapters.

Second, have this WIL blog be a major part of what we do.  Through this blog, we are going to address specific issues and concerns in seven different focus groups.  The seven groups are:  
  • Full time practice; 
  • Part time practice; 
  • On hiatus (women attorneys who have stopped practicing temporarily, permanently or are trying to get back into the practice); 
  • Practicing with children at home; 
  • Students (which will include high school and undergraduate students who are thinking about attending law school, law school students and those thinking about returning to the world of education by attending law school); 
  • Using your law degree in  your community and family; and, 
  • Singles (unmarried, divorced or widowed female attorneys and the issues they confront in their lives and practices).

We’d also like to regularly use this blog to highlight you: women of faith who have been trained in the law.  You are doing great things--in the courtroom, in your community and in your home.   Getting to know each other better will strengthen each of us individually as well as strengthen us as a whole.  If you know anyone you think we should highlight, please let us know at nanbarker@gmail.com.

We are thrilled to be serving you.  Don’t forget to let us know how we can help!

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  1. This is exciting! Thanks for all your work.