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Monday, October 15, 2012

Annual Pre-Law Conference Held

On October 3, 2012, the International WIL Committee, along with the BYU Student WIL section, held its 4th Annual Pre-Law Event on the BYU campus.  This pre-law event is aimed at providing information and addressing questions and concerns female undergraduate students, who are considering attending law school, may have.

This year the panel of speakers consisted of 3 mother/daughter attorney teams.  Various issues were discussed: what it is like to be a law student, how to choose which law school would be best for you, how to balance family and a legal career, what classes you should take as an undergraduate student if you're interested in attending law school, can you have children and still make it through law school, what it is like to practice in a big firm, the many ways the skills and knowledge you obtain in law school can be used if you decide to stop practicing law or do not work outside the home. 

The presentations were informative and the question and answer portion following was very helpful to those who attended.  It was an exciting event for both presenters and attendees.

Event Panelists (from left to right): Michelle and Eileen Crane, Elizabeth Smith, Nan Barker,
Jessica Jardine Wilkes and Alice Jardine, Stephanie Wilkins Pugsley and Judge Diane Wilkins
If any of you are interested in holding a Pre-Law Event in your area, please contact Nan Barker at nanbarker@gmail.com.  She would be happy to assist you in setting one up to help women undergraduate students near you.

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