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Saturday, July 23, 2011

WIL Panel at Africa West JRCLS Conference

The Africa West Chapter of the JRCLS will hold its second annual conference on July 29-31, 2011, in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. The program includes a panel presentation by LDS women attorneys. We note with interest that issues facing women in West Africa are not dissimilar to those facing women in the USA. The panel is entitled “Law is a valid career for an LDS woman, married or not, but how do you balance all the competing demands on your time and soul?” Panelists include Ms Amede Oputa, Managing Partner of De Splendor Solicitors, Lagos; Mrs. Joy Nwawe, Principal Partner, Nwawe J. N. & Co., Lagos; Miss Weyinmi R. Winifred Pratt, Associate, Principles Law Partnership, Port Harcourt.
We invite the panelists or any in the audience to send us a report following the conference, and wish our colleagues the best in their endeavors.
The Africa West Conference will also include a judges' panel entitled, "Personal insights into life as a Judge: the Sacrifices, the Opportunities, and the Privileges”; presentations by LDS Church areal legal counsel for the Africa West area; and a Skyped address by Nancy Van Slooten, JRCLS president on "The State of the JRCLS."

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