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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lively WIL Panel at Dallas Conference

Can a female partner mentor a male associate? How can a male partner build a client's trust in a female associate? How do a man and a woman handling a case together manage the logistics of travel, late-night work, meals? What are the concerns of a spouse of an attorney?

These and other issues sparked a lively, sometimes intense, interchange among panelists at the Women-in-the-Law-sponsored session at the Dallas JRCLS conference, Feb 17-19, 2011. Although the session was well-attended, many urged that such sessions be plenary in the future, as the issues raised are confronted by virtually all practicing attorneys.

Panelists were Rebekah Clark, who spent four years as an associate at Foley Hoag in Boston; Alyssa Englund, Of Counsel with the Orrick firm in NYC; Mike Jensen, international law and employment lawyer with Kirton & McConkie, SLC; Carol Wright, estate and wealth transfer lawyer with Holland & Hart's Denver office; and Gordon Wright, litigator with the Dallas firm of Cooper & Scully. Moderator was Elizabeth Smith, JRCLS WIL chair.

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  1. I attended the panel and thought it was terrific! I hope to see many more women at the Stanford conference next year.