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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Reader


It's been four months since this blog was midwifed into being by Heather Takahashi (Los Angeles), attended by hopeful WIL Committee members. Since then, we've been happily astonished to discover that the blog has been sampled by readers in Moscow, London, Sydney, West Africa, South Africa, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Japan, Peru, France, Tasmania, and all across the United States. We feel kinship with you. We share some interests, some worries, some hopes.

Just knowing you are out there feeds our store of energy to carry on.

The blog has had about 2,000 visits, and almost 5,000 page views.

Thank you for reading.

We would like to know a little more about you, but resonate to the low-pressure pull of anonymity, too. If you have something to say, please feel free to send us an email at jrclswomen@gmail.com or leave a comment on one of the blog articles.

We've discovered that the Comment process can be confusing. Here's how to do it: (1) At the end of the article, click on the blue Comments link. A box will come up. Write your comment in the box. (2) Below the box is a drop-down menu labeled "Comment as." From that drop-down menu, select either "Name/URL" or "Anonymous." (3) If you select "Name/URL" another box pops up. Enter your name--first name, last name, made-up name, etc. Ignore the URL box. (4) Next, click the "Preview" button. If the comment is ok, then type in the coded word underneath and click on "Post Comment." Your comment will then go to the jrclswomen mailbox and, if you didn't swear at us, will be posted, usually within 24 hours.


  1. Your very welcome! the feeling is mutual! :)
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  3. Hmm, I guess this isn't that hard to comment once you explained it.

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