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Friday, December 17, 2010

Attorney Trio Guides Kansas YW

It is perhaps unique in the LDS Church: Not one, not two, but three attorneys serving the Young Women in the Colly Creek Ward, Topeka Kansas Stake. Holly Fisher, first counselor, is a business litigator with Swanson Midgley. Sandra Sharon, second counselor, is an Administrative Law Judge. Angel Zimmerman, Beehive advisor, is managing partner at Valentine, Zimmerman & Zimmerman.
Holly Fisher speaks for the other leaders when she says, "We are blessed to serve in the company of talented, busy women who somehow manage to balance their service in the Gospel with family and work in the most amazing ways." Sandra Sharon believes it is "no coincidence that we have such strong leadership for our young women. We are charged with teaching them that they have skills and talents that are divinely given. Heavenly Father has called them to come forth at this time when they will need to be valiant and strong women--as daughters, wives, mothers--and make profound contributions to their families and communities."

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